Services - Eco-Lectric Landscape Maintenance

Eco-Lectric is a lawn Care and Landscape maintenance service business located in Bradenton, Florida.

Services Offered at Eco-Lectric

A typical client has an annual contract with weekly mowing in the summer and bi-weekly mowing in the winter. We recommend also adding Organic fertilizer treatments every 6-8 weeks to deliver a beautifully manicured, lush lawn with the highest regard for personal health and the environment.

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Residential and Commercial mowing services by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton, a Lawn care and Landscape maintenance company.


Our Electric mowers are clean and quiet. With the absence of a polluting engine, we eliminate that obnoxious loud noise, and replace it with zero-emissions. We sharpen our mower blades frequently to create a smooth cut lawn. We also mulch the grass clippings back into the soil to maintain healthy fertility.

Weed eating service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton

Weed Eating

The sound of the string is all you will hear as we trim those hard-to-mow areas and eliminate weeds.

After mowing blowing service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton


Conventional blowers are very loud and create heavy pollution. Our electric blowers do not create emissions or that loud engine noise. Electric blowers also eliminate unwanted debris on cars that gas blowers often leave.

Pruning service by Eco-lectric of Bradenton


Our electric hedge trimmers offer a clean quiet cut. Nobody likes the gas trimmers right against the bedroom window, which is why we use the quiet, zero-emission equipment. Our professional staff will prune the plants the way you prefer.

Edging service with mowing by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton


Clean cutting electric edgers create a crisp edge on landscape beds and hardscapes. These are much quieter than the ordinary 2-cycle engines that cause high levels of pollution.

Fertilizing treatment service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton


We use high-grade, organic products to fertilize your lawn and garden. Instead of pumping the turf with synthetic chemicals, we assess the soil and turf to determine the necessary nutrients your soil needs. Organic fertilizers are completely safe for children and pets.

Palm tree trimming service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton

Palm Tree Trimming

Over-pruned palm trees are a big problem in the landscape industry. We prune them the correct way to maintain proper growth. Our Electric Chainsaws and pole saws allow our skilled staff to prune beautiful palms, and still eliminate noise.

Pest Control service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton

Pest Control

Eco-Lectric has spent many hours researching and testing to develop a variety of safe and effective pest control formulas. We use only organic and natural ways to get rid of harmful pests. Our pest control is safe for pets and children.

Irrigation and Sprinkler service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton


We offer irrigation services to help conserve water. Micro-jet irrigation, drip irrigation, rain sensors, and rain barrels are just some of the ways to efficiently irrigate while saving water. We offer irrigation inspections, repairs, and small installations.

Landscape design service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton

Landscape Design

We design landscapes that are Florida-friendly. Plants that are drought tolerant and low maintenance are more sustainable. We work with you to design a beautiful landscape.

Mulching service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton


We use natural mulches that come from fast-growing trees. This is more sustainable than “cypress” mulches.  Our mulches create a clean landscape while naturally eliminating weeds.

100% percent natural weed control service by Eco-Lectric of Bradenton

All-Natural Weed Control

Eco-Lectric is working to create our own all-natural weed control formula which will be safe for children and pets. Weeds are also hand-pulled or weed-eated when needed.